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    CMOSOMEL (pronounced caus O mel. The 1st M is silent) A Secret to Hair Growth

The Most Intensive Hair Growth System

Intensive Hair Growth System

This luxury brand is made from the finest natural ingredients from around the world. I purchase the most exquisite oils and plants to produce this luxury brand of products. CMOSOMEL is a luxury hair growth system designed for those who are committed to the process of growing their hair longer, stronger, healthier and more beautiful. 

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Extreme Grow Cream

Extreme Grow Cream holds the moisture in your hair, which helps stop excessive shedding and breaking, allowing you to keep and maintain more of your hair. You will be please and amazed with the results you get using our Extreme Grow Cream. For greater, faster results consider purchasing the entire CMOSOMEL - Secret to Hair Growth System.

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Rapid Grow Wonder Drops

The Rapid Grow Wonder Drops was designed to combat hair loss and restart the hair growth process with daily use. The Drops allow a stronger concentration in specific areas (ex. edge hair loss, beards, the back of the head or any place hair may be thinning or balding).

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